At Black and Deen, LLP we understand how devastating injuries and accidents can be to you and your family. The emotional and financial toll is extraordinary. Our firm is here to fight for you. We do not represent large corporations or insurance companies, we are dedicated to representing real people. Our firm is built to be there for you on a personal and professional level.

You have rights that the law is designed to protect. You have the right to be free from harm caused by the negligence of others – whether it be a corporation, insurance company, government or other person. When someone breaks something – We’re here to make sure they fix it. We will fight to get you maximum recovery, both economic and non-economic, for the harm you have suffered. If a corporation or insurance company has acted with a reckless disregard for your safety we will seek punitive damages to punish those responsible and make sure it never happens again to someone else. Our Results speak for themselves – and we are just getting started.